Addressing factory space challenges: Luxinar launches 450W CO2 laser source with reduced footprint

Laser technology leader Luxinar is pleased to announce the launch of its latest addition to the OEM series of CO2 laser sources.  The OEM 45iE is a 25-450W sealed CO2 laser source with a reduced footprint, ideal for installations where space is restricted.

Based on the industry-proven 450W lasers already in use worldwide, the OEM 45iE sealed CO2 laser source provides a separate RF module. By splitting the RF from the tube assembly, the laser head can fit in tight spaces, while the RF unit can be conveniently mounted remotely.  Delivering the same high speeds and enhanced productivity for industrial processing applications as the OEM 45iX, this 450W laser incorporates a proven RF-excited slab laser design with cutting-edge technologies, ensuring:

• A high-quality round symmetrical beam for high-speed processing applications

• A short optical pulse with high peak power for improved edge quality and minimal heat-affected zone (HAZ)

• A compact design with separate in-field serviceable RF for simple integration and servicing

• A minimum shipment power 20% higher than the rated power to ensure extended operational lifetime

• A typical power stability of ± 1% using optional power feedback control and a narrow wavelength band to ensure a high level of process repeatability

• Safety performance level D (EN13849) as specified in the latest European Standards