Application note – Die board cutting

Die boards are made from thick, high quality plywood, typically birch or maple – these materials are chosen for their strength, flatness and durability. Laser-cut slots are fitted with metal blades, which are then used to punch out packing boxes and other patterns from sheets of cardboard, where the same shape needs cutting multiple times.

Laser die cutting offers numerous advantages. The process is precise and flexible, allowing designs and dimensions to be changed on the fly. Precise control of the cut width allows for blades of different sizes, and the natural taper of the cut helps to grip the blades tightly. A high quality beam is needed, along with good alignment, in order to avoid any directionality of the cut. Speeds are generally scalable with laser power.


  • For each line, the kerf width at the top surface is directly proportional to the focused spot siz
  • If the speed is optimised, the difference in quality based on power level is minimal.
  • The kerf width at the bottom of the board is directly proportional to the speed.
  • For thin die board, the speed that can be reached is directly proportional to the power used.

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