Mild steel

Mild steel is probably the most commonly used form of steel. Its low cost and favourable mechanical properties make it attractive for a wide range of applications. It is widely used in the construction and automotive industries, as well as for domestic goods, flanges, fittings, pipes, and more.

Our CO2 lasers can cut mild steel using a flame cutting technique, with oxygen assist gas. An exothermic reaction between the heated metal and the assist gas generates energy which assists the laser beam. Process speeds are therefore relatively fast, and thicknesses up to 6mm can be handled with the OEM 65iX.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is commonplace in the world today. It is strong, easy to weld, resistant to corrosion, and has an attractive appearance. It is used in a diverse range of products – aerospace components, surgical instruments and implants, cladding for buildings, automotive exhausts, grilles and trim components, cutlery and cookware, chemical storage vessels and food production equipment are just a few examples.

A fusion cutting process is generally used for stainless and high alloy steels; inert assist gas is used to blow the molten metal through the kerf. This leaves a clean, oxide-free edge which requires no further finishing. Thicknesses up to 3mm can be cut using the OEM 65iX.