Rubber ablation & texturing

Textures and patterns can be produced by ablating material from the surface of a rubber sheet, or by scribing the surface. Laser processing allows intricate designs to be created, including text, logos and graphics for rubber stamps, for example. Special laser-friendly rubber is available for this purpose, which produces virtually no odour during processing.

Laser texturing may be applied to other products; both natural and synthetic rubbers can be processed. Shoe soles are often textured by ablation or scribing, for example, adding patterning which provides both increased grip and decoration.

Rubber cutting & drilling

Our lasers can be used to cut and drill rubber for a variety of applications. Rubber processing is common in the automotive industry, where holes are drilled in rubber car door seals, and material is cut for windscreen wiper blades. Other applications include drilling holes in silicone baby bottle teats, and cutting sheets of rubber to make gaskets, seals and other components.

Laser processing ensures that profiles are cut with high accuracy. The non-contact nature of the process eliminates downtime due to tool wear and breakage, increasing the efficiency of production.