Application Types: Wood

Compared with traditional woodworking methods, CO2 laser cutting is fast and precise, allowing complex shapes to be cut out with ease.  Laser processing minimises waste, produces no sawdust, and eliminates the problems caused by tool wear and breakage.

Lasers can also mark and engrave wood, producing high quality results; applications could be for identification or purely decorative.

  • Laser-marked wooden lollipop sticks

    Wood marking

    Wood marking Our CO2 lasers can be used to mark and engrave on all kinds of wood, from simple text and logos to high-quality and detailed artwork. The laser induces a colour change in the wood, usually producing clear marks with good contrast. Deep engraving can also be achieved if desired, although this process is naturally more…

  • Laser-cut wooden die boards

    Wood cutting

    Wood cutting A CO2 laser is the perfect woodworking tool. It cuts quickly and precisely, allowing even intricate shapes to be produced with ease. Waste is minimised, no sawdust is generated, and tool wear is eliminated. Our lasers can cut wood of all different types, including natural hardwoods and softwoods, plywood, MDF, laminates and fibreboard. Our CO2 lasers are…