High-speed beverage marking

Laser marked beer bottle label (August 2024)
Laser marked beer bottle label (August 2024)

The CO2 laser marker really comes into its own in the brewery industry, where good quality codes must be marked onto labels on the fly at extremely high speeds; modern labelling machinery can run at speeds up to 70000 bottles per hour (20 bottles per second).  Beverage marking systems must be able to operate in hostile environments, and must be able to withstand regular washing down in order to comply with strict hygiene legislation. 

The MULTISCAN® HE is specifically designed with the beverage industry in mind; it is IP66-rated in order to withstand the harshest of environments, and can be washed down with no adverse effects.  High speed galvo technology allows the system to keep up with production at the fastest speeds, without compromising mark quality or reliability.

High speed marking
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125W sealed CO2 laser marking system

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