Hot glass marking

Data matrix code marked on glass bottle neck

Marking glass at high temperature allows extremely high quality marks to be produced without cracking. Subtle identification marks, human-readable text and reliable data matrix codes can be applied to glass bottles, jars, vials and other containers at the hot end of production, on the fly.

This may be done for traceability or as protection against counterfeiting of products.

The hot glass manufacturing environment is challenging, but the MULTISCAN® HE is engineered to withstand these harsh conditions.

Data matrix code marked on glass bottle neck

Applications laboratories

Could a laser be used to improve your manufacturing process? We can help you to find out by testing samples of your material or product in one of our applications labs. Our applications lab facilities are open to both new and existing customers and OEMs. Our laboratories are well equipped to carry out a range of processes including cutting, marking, engraving, drilling, scribing, ablation and more. We offer rapid sample turnaround times, detailed application reports, and complimentary advice from our experienced applications engineers. Whatever your process, we can help you to determine the best laser for your application.

Optics inspection