Marking pharmaceutical packaging

Laser marked pharmaceutical boxes
Pharmaceutical boxes laser marked with Data Matrix code, expiry date and lot number (updated to 2028)

Many drugs and medications are packaged in card boxes, which must be marked with an array of information for traceability purposes. The laser ablates the inked coating on the card, resulting in very high quality and easily legible marks.

Variable information such as manufacturing dates, batch codes, barcodes, QR and 2D Data Matrix codes can be applied on the production line, on the fly, with the information being updated continuously as required.

Laser-marked data matrix on medical vial

The laser marking process is quick, clean, and reliable. Marks are indelible and tamper-proof, and consumable costs are effectively non-existent once the laser coder is installed. This makes laser coding an attractive alternative to traditional ink-based technologies.



125W sealed CO2 laser marking system



125W sealed CO2 laser marking system

Applications laboratories

Could a laser be used to improve your manufacturing process? We can help you to find out by testing samples of your material or product in one of our applications labs. Our applications lab facilities are open to both new and existing customers and OEMs. Our laboratories are well equipped to carry out a range of processes including cutting, marking, engraving, drilling, scribing, ablation and more. We offer rapid sample turnaround times, detailed application reports, and complimentary advice from our experienced applications engineers. Whatever your process, we can help you to determine the best laser for your application.