Sub-surface glass marking

Sub-surface laser marking in glass, with characters less than 0.5mm high
Sub-surface glass marking using a femtosecond laser source

Glass marking is an application where the difference between ultrashort pulse and CO2 lasers is clear. The CO2 laser wavelength is absorbed so strongly in glass that the entire interaction happens at the surface. 

While this is an advantage in some applications where surface marking is desirable (such as head keepers in beer glasses), it means that it is simply impossible to mark below the surface. However, this is not the case with ultrashort pulse lasers, which are able to mark in the bulk of optically transparent materials.

Laser marked glass vials
Sub-surface glass marking using a femtosecond laser source

Potential applications include syringe and vial marking for the medical and pharmaceutical industries; sub-surface marking is particularly attractive in this setting, as the codes are indelible and not subject to wear or damage. Very small features can be realised, while the surface of the glass remains intact and free from any process debris.

SR 15i

LXR® series

Ultrashort pulse laser source

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