Surface structuring battery electrodes

Laser surface structuring battery electrode
Laser surface structuring battery electrode

Battery technology today is all about increasing power density, and laser processes are being developed to advance this. At high power densities during fast charging or discharging processes, lithium separation is currently an issue.

Femtosecond laser surface structuring uses ultrashort pulses of laser light to introduce micropores into the active layer of the battery electrodes, thus mitigating the problem.

Laser cutting has the following advantages:

  • It is a precise process that produces patterns with sub-micron resolution. This creates very high surface area electrodes, leading to significant improvements in battery perfomance.
  • It is a non-contact process, minimising damage to the electrodes. This enables seamless integration of microstructuring into existing battery manufacturing processes.
  • It is a relatively fast process that can manufacture batteries on a large scale.
Electric battery
Electric battery

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