Laser-processed clothing on mannequin

Our CO2 lasers can create patterns on your jeansadd texture to the soles of your shoes, and cut the fabric for your clothes. Both natural and synthetic textiles can be processed using our lasers, and the possibilities are endless. The flexible nature of laser processing means that designs can be updated easily as fashions change.

CO2 lasers are employed in the manufacture of clothing, buttons, shoes, bags and other items. Compared with traditional processing, lasers can save both time and money, increasing productivity, improving quality, and reducing environmental impact.

Sackcloth cutting

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Laser-marked denim jeans

Denim marking

Laser-cut detail on leather shoes

Leather processing

Laser cut textiles

Fabric cutting

Laser engraving heat transfers for T-shirts
Laser engraving heat transfers for T-shirts

Laser engraving heat transfers for T-shirts

Applications laboratories

Could a laser be used to improve your manufacturing process? We can help you to find out by testing samples of your material or product in one of our applications labs. Our applications lab facilities are open to both new and existing customers and OEMs. Our laboratories are well equipped to carry out a range of processes including cutting, marking, engraving, drilling, scribing, ablation and more. We offer rapid sample turnaround times, detailed application reports, and complimentary advice from our experienced applications engineers. Whatever your process, we can help you to determine the best laser for your application.