An improved cutting process for battery separator foils with CO2 lasers

Laser cutting battery separator with a ceramic coating
Laser cutting battery separator with a ceramic coating

Leading laser manufacturer Luxinar is highlighting the benefits of laser cutting battery separator foils at the Laser EMobility Workshop. The company will present its laser sources that can shape battery cells and refine electronic components on stand 19 and as part of the conference program from 17 to 18 July in Munich, Germany.

Separator foils are made from plastic film at thicknesses below 30µm; they are cut to length mainly by mechanical cutters and prohibit short circuits between the electrically charged layers of electrodes. Newer developments of battery separator foils utilise a thin layer of ceramic coating applied to one side of the film.

Cutting by knife increases wear on the tools, and small ceramic particles chip off from the cutting edge, leading to dust pollution on the film. Cutting these films by CO2 laser eliminates dust and tool wear since laser cutting is a non-contact process that does not apply force to the thin film and coating.

Christian Dini, Commercial Manager – Central & Northern Europe of Luxinar, stated: ‘We are delighted to present our laser sources at Laser EMobility Workshop. Luxinar has been mastering lasers for over 25 years, making various battery production tasks economically viable with our versatile and precise laser technology.’

Laser cutting battery separator with a ceramic coating

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