China delegation visits Luxinar, Kingston upon Hull, UK

Guangdong Laser Industry Association delegates outside Luxinar head office

Guangdong Laser Industry Association included Luxinar, global leader in laser technology, in their tour of European laser suppliers. On 2 July 2019, ten Chinese delegates from the Guangdong Laser Industry Association visited the recently rebranded Luxinar, previously Rofin-Sinar UK, on the UK part of their wider European tour of key suppliers in the laser industry. The delegates, mainly Executive Directors and General Managers, were from a variety of manufacturers within the Chinese laser industry, including the largest laser chiller and laser cutting head suppliers in China and, the most popular newsletter in the Chinese laser industry.

This was an ideal opportunity for Luxinar to demonstrate the company’s capabilities and its focus on developing laser technology to enhance our world, at the purpose-built facility in Kingston upon Hull. The delegation toured the manufacturing facility that has, over the last 20 years, become renowned for its industry-leading sealed CO2 lasers and power supplies that are used for a myriad of applications in industrial processing and marking applications.

The tour began with an overview of the production, service and engineering departments, as well as having a brief insight into some of the ongoing R&D innovations. In the company’s purpose-built applications laboratory, the delegates saw first-hand end-user product samples where Luxinar lasers have been employed in a variety of applications including cutting, drilling, welding and marking of plastics, metal, fabrics and ceramics, for products spanning the textile, beverage, labelling and packaging, and automotive industries, to highlight a few.

“More than 35% of laser sources from Luxinar are now installed at manufacturing and production sites in China,” explained Andrew Chambers, Sales Director. “The visit from Guangdong Laser Industry Association is an ideal opportunity for us to demonstrate and reassure that although our company name has changed from Rofin-Sinar UK to Luxinar, the products, technology and people behind the new brand remain the same. We continue to manufacture the same high-quality products and continue to support our Chinese customers locally. We have supported our Chinese base for 20 years within China, and have recently enhanced our capabilities from our regional office, now based in Shanghai for the last 2 years”.

As the Guangdong Laser Industry Association left for their next company visit, they told Andrew Chambers they had enjoyed their time at Luxinar and found it extremely informative.

Luxinar head office building

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