Driving success in automotive production (brochure)

19 ways to use Luxinar lasers on a car
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Lasers are used in all areas of car manufacturing

The automotive industry utilises a diverse range of materials, including plastics, composites, textiles, leather, glass and rubber. From the smallest interior trim components to large pillars and bumpers, from windows, windscreen wipers and door seals to seatbelts and airbags, CO2 lasers can replace conventional tools throughout the manufacturing process. Processes include cutting, drilling, ablation and marking.

Lasers are often used in conjunction with robot systems; productivity and throughput can be improved with automated robot cells performing multiple laser processes. Laser systems produce consistent quality and low rejection rates, and have the flexibility to adapt easily to new designs.

This brochure addresses how the range of CO2 lasers from Luxinar are used by the automotive industry.

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