Happy Easter from Luxinar!

laser marking and scribing on eggshell
Laser ablated eggs for Easter

These eggs were marked using the MULTISCAN® VS 125W CO2 laser marking system with beam delivery and galvo head. Results may vary according to the colour or quality of the eggshell; for brown eggs, dark shells give the best contrast.

Eggs can be marked at high speed in as little as 0.15 seconds. Large or complex logos may take several seconds, and may require rotation of the egg.

Laser coding is an inkless and environmentally friendly way to apply product information such as dates, batch codes and place of origin or to apply logos and graphics for brand identification and advertising.

Laser ablated eggs for Easter

NB: This application illustrates the capability of a CO2 laser to mark eggshells. No research has been carried out to prove that the eggs are suitable for human consumption after being laser marked.

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