How Luxinar is helping in the fight against coronavirus

Luxinar's inhouse-made 3D printer producing parts for NHS face masks
Luxinar’s inhouse-made 3D printer producing parts for NHS face masks

Luxinar is proud to be supporting a number of its customers, partner organisations and colleagues in the fight against coronavirus.

Customers are ramping up or switching production to respond to the increased demand for coronavirus-related products; these include the 24-hour injection moulding facility of UK-based Advanced Plastics and the manufacturing sites of a global cleaning product supplier.

A major partner of Luxinar, employer-led school Ron Dearing UTC has supplied Perspex sheets to Luxinar so that colleagues in the company’s applications laboratories can laser cut and engrave visors. This is in support of the Hull school’s initiative to create face shields for key healthcare workers battling coronavirus.

Also, in response to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) call for 3D printed parts, colleagues at Luxinar are using printers that they have either borrowed or made in-house to produce face masks for NHS health workers throughout the country.  

Darren Taylor, Senior Manufacturing Engineer at Luxinar and in charge of the project said, “I have been astounded by the response and support I have been given through this activity. It really makes it all worthwhile.”

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