Improved efficiency and versatility: Luxinar’s laser sources at Laser Korea 2024

Luxinar's range of laser sources and a selection of applications
Luxinar’s range of laser sources and a selection of applications

Laser technology leader Luxinar is pleased to announce that it is exhibiting again at Laser Korea 2024. The company will showcase its well-established and versatile range of  laser sources on stand 4D12 in KINTEX from July 3 to 5.  

OEM 45iX – power for your processing

This 450W sealed CO2 laser source delivers high speeds and enhanced productivity for industrial processing applications worldwide. The OEM 45iX incorporates a proven RF-excited slab laser design with cutting-edge technologies and represents a compact solution that integrates easily into industrial processing production lines.

SR 25 AOM – 60 times faster than standard CO2 laser sources

The SR AOM series are sealed CO2 laser sources with an acousto-optic modulator (AOM) that improves edge quality in high-precision thin film-cutting applications that demand minimal heat-affected zones (HAZ). The SR 25 AOM, available at a wavelength of 9.3µm and with a rated power of 150W, creates 60 times faster optical rise and fall times of less than 1µs. This can minimise unnecessary heat energy during processing compared with typical CO2 pulse rise/fall times of approximately 60µs to create a sharper cut with a reduced HAZ.

SR 10i and SR 15i – a watertight laser technology

These 125W and 175W CO2 laser sources are designed with an integrated RF power supply and are hermetically sealed, making them ideal for the harshest of industrial environments; they will withstand dust, heat and water spray.

The units’ simple control interface and compact mechanical design allow easy integration into laser-based processing machines used for cutting, marking, perforating and drilling, among others. Throughput, economy, flexibility and reliability are the main features of the SR series of CO2 laser sources.

LXR® series – a new patented laser technology from Luxinar

Delivering ultrashort pulses of laser energy, the 160W LXR® series from Luxinar ensures high-quality material processing with minimal heat generation. This patented technology with a pulse energy of up to 160µJ guarantees precise ablation, minimal thermal damage, and exceptional control over laser beam parameters, yielding superior results for even the most demanding applications. Its seamless integration into production lines is made possible by its intuitive hardware and software interface that simplifies the programming of operational parameters.

“We are excited to display our range of industrial lasers again at Laser Korea,” said Patrick Kim, Regional General Manager (Korea). “On our stand, we will present our products and processes and the benefits of working with a company that has been mastering lasers since 1998.”

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