Luxinar – ahead of the curve (COVID-19 video)

Luxinar colleagues from around the world holding a video meeting using Microsoft Teams.
“Teams” meeting

Luxinar gained early knowledge of coronavirus from our colleagues and facilities in Asia which helped us to prepare and be ready for its inevitable arrival in Europe. From January 2020, Luxinar started reviewing and amending our policies and practices to ensure we stayed ahead of the curve.

We understood that communication is mission critical to keep the business running, and the importance of creating an environment that is really safe for every employee in the company.

We decided to focus on safeguarding our manufacturing facility by implementing over 60 policy changes. The measures we’ve taken are far beyond what the UK government recommended.

Our shipments to customers have remained unaffected. We’ve focussed on reducing our manufacturing times to be able to offer our customers the quick turnaround support that they need. And our supply chains have remained open.

Right now, despite these difficult times, Luxinar has a business that is safe for our colleagues and that reassures our customers and suppliers.

We have good prospects for the future, and we are looking ahead by continuing to invest in new products to solve our customers’ needs.

Luxinar head office building

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