Luxinar kicks off its 25th anniversary year at Photonics West 2023

Luxinar celebrates 25th anniversary
Luxinar celebrates 25th anniversary

Leading laser manufacturer Luxinar is kicking off its 25th anniversary year by showcasing products from its ranges of ultrashort pulse and CO2 laser sources at booth #5101 at Photonics West, taking place in San Francisco, USA 28 January to 2 February 2023.

The LXR® series represents Luxinar’s first range of ultrashort pulse laser sources, a patented technology that has revolutionised materials processing. A short pulse width (800 ± 100fs) virtually eliminates heat diffusion to the surroundings of the processed region, enabling ultrahigh precision micro- and nanofabrication of various components. The LXR® provides high throughput and repeatability due to its beam quality, flexible control, and pulse on demand. A fast burst mode increases material removal while maintaining high-quality machining, and external controls available via MCU, PC and web server app allow local or remote diagnostics and monitoring.

The SR AOM series, with powers up to 150W, is designed to address a wide range of high-precision applications that require a reduced heat-affected zone, such as multilayer thin film cutting for the display market and high resolution/speed marking. This CO2 laser with an integrated acousto-optic modulator creates optical rise and fall times of less than 1µs that can minimise unnecessary heat energy from typical pulse rise/fall times of approximately 60µs.

The SR series of sealed CO2 laser sources have a power range of up to 250W and a rating of IP66; this means they are ideal for the harshest industrial environments to ensure a high level of protection against water and dust ingress. The units have a compact and lightweight mechanical design, a simple DC power supply connection, an easy-to-understand control interface, and digital diagnostics with enhanced LED. The same output beam position allows for power upgrades with minimal design changes, and an integrated RF power supply that is replaceable in the field reduces production downtime.

Yannick Galais, Global Sales and Marketing Manager of Luxinar Ltd, explained: “As we head into our 25th year, we are excited to offer an addition to our laser source portfolio. The LXR® series opens up new markets and applications, including metal foil scribing for the electronics industry, sub-surface glass marking for the pharmaceutical industry, and metal and plastic cutting for medical devices.”

“We are happy to welcome Antonio Raspa, our new product manager for ultrashort pulse lasers, to Photonics West.  Antonio will be available at the booth to answer questions about this technology.”

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