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June 2023

Luxinar, a leader in the field of laser manufacturing, is proud to celebrate its 25th anniversary at Laser Korea in Seoul, from 5-7 July. The company will be showcasing its latest innovations in laser sources for cutting, drilling, and marking at stand 4C26. Additionally, Luxinar’s Korea office is thrilled to mark its 5th anniversary at the exhibition.

Introduction of new enhancements to the SR series

Luxinar has long been recognised as the preferred choice for CO2 laser sources across industries including automotive, electronics, packaging, and textiles. Building on this legacy, the company proudly presents two new additions to its SR series: the SR e series and the SR x series.

SR e series – higher peak power

The SR e 9.3µm series, designed specifically for the electronics industry, delivers high peak power and minimal heat-affected zones, making it ideal for applications such as processing polarising film, eliminating excess bonding agents, and laser texturing. The SR 10e provides up to 115W average output power and 330W peak output power, while the SR 15e boasts up to 160W average output power and a peak output power of 460W. These advancements enable perfect edge quality and rapid processing capabilities.

SR x series – higher average power

The SR x 9.3µm series, an upgraded version of the SR i series with increased average power, proves to be perfect for high-speed applications. The range includes the SR 10x, featuring an average output power of 105W and a peak output power of 235W, the SR 15x, offering an average output power of 150W and a peak output power of 335W, and the SR 25x, with an average output power of up to 210W and a peak output power of 465W.

Both the SR e series and SR x series 9.3µm models are designed to seamlessly integrate with other lasers in the SR series, ensuring the same beam output position, mounting positions, overall dimensions, IP66 rating, and serviceability of other SR versions. The SR 10e, SR 15e, SR 10x, SR 15x, and SR 25x models are available with the standard SR shutter/diode and the standard SR back reflection protection options.

Other laser sources on display

Luxinar will also showcase the SR AOM series, which boast powers of up to 150W. This series is specifically tailored to address a wide range of high-precision applications that demand minimal heat-affected zones, such as multilayer thin film cutting for the display market and high-resolution/speed marking. The SR AOM, a COlaser integrated with an acousto-optic modulator, achieves optical rise and fall times of less than 1µs, effectively reducing unnecessary heat energy compared to typical pulse rise/fall times of approximately 60µs.

Furthermore, Luxinar will feature its OEM series of compact CO2 lasers, offering a power range of up to 1000W.  These lasers provide a convenient solution for seamless integration into industrial processing production lines, both with and without covers. The series includes an integrated RF power supply, enabling the laser to generate short optical pulses with high peak power or quasi-CW output. It operates safely across a wide range of pulse widths and frequencies, including through the acoustic regions and a broad range of coolant temperatures. An optional absorbing thin film reflector (ATFR) is available to prevent back reflection.

Patrick Kim, Regional General Manager (Korea) at Luxinar, elaborates on the company’s achievements: “As we celebrate our 25th year, we are thrilled to introduce these additions to our laser source portfolio. In addition, we are proud to commemorate the 5th anniversary of our Korean office, which, in conjunction with our UK headquarters and other sales and service offices in China, Germany, Italy and the USA, allows us to provide laser expertise tailored to our customers’ time zones.”

Throughout the exhibition, the Luxinar Korea team will be present at stand 4C26, sharing their extensive knowledge and offering expert advice on laser technology.

Don’t miss out on the chance to celebrate 25 years of laser innovations with Luxinar! See our company timeline here: Luxinar celebrates its 25th anniversary – Luxinar

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