Luxinar is COVID-19 Secure

One COVID-19 secure shield
One COVID-19 secure shield

Luxinar is happy to announce that it is COVID-19 Secure, the UK government’s standard to ensure that companies are following best practices to maintain social distancing and limit the transmission of coronavirus.

Since coronavirus first appeared in China and our Chinese sales and service office was impacted, Luxinar has been working safely, ensuring that our employees remain safe whilst they work and that our sites in the UK and overseas remain open to support our customers.

We have implemented more than 60 policy changes across the business to support the programme, including:

  • Introduction of new software and initiatives to support communications
  • Increased cleaning and sanitising processes across the manufacturing site
  • Helped colleagues to work from home where possible 
  • Created one-way systems, visual management for social distancing, and changed room layouts 
  • Introduction of staff temperature checking, changes to shift patterns and provided PPE to all staff

As a result of implementing these actions, our overall risk has reduced by 80%.  

We could not have achieved this without the help and support of all Luxinar colleagues who have willingly accepted the changes we’ve made. A huge thank you to all those involved for their help and cooperation.

Our response to coronavirus.

December 2020 update

At Luxinar’s UK manufacturing site we recently welcomed an inspector working on behalf of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).  His visit was to perform a spot check of Luxinar, as part of a nationwide inspection of UK businesses, to ensure that we are operating in a COVID-19 secure manner in line with UK government guidance.

We are happy to announce that the inspector was impressed with the measures we have in place at Luxinar, and he praised our temperature testing booth in particular.

COVID-19 safety brief for visitors to Luxinar
Luxinar head office building

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