Luxinar launches modular laser processing solution for MULTISCAN® HE range


Luxinar, a world-renowned leader in laser technology, has launched the latest addition to its MULTISCAN® range of CO2 laser systems.  The MULTISCAN® HE 10i, 15i and 25i are fully self-contained systems, including power supply, PC, and software.

Delivering the same quality and reliability as Luxinar’s industry-proven MULTISCAN® HE range, the MULTISCAN® HE 10i, 15i and 25i are higher laser power alternatives and consist of separate laser and control enclosures, remote keyboard and display and a range of beam delivery options. Featuring 125W, 175W and 250W rated laser output powers and increased installation possibilities, the range is ideally suited to harsh environments that require higher laser power, such as the textiles industry. 

MULTISCAN® HE 10i/15i/25i – a modular laser processing solution

The MULTISCAN® HE 10i/15i/25i are based on the standard MULTISCAN® HE, maintaining the same main cabinet design and functionality, and the same remote-control panel. The MULTISCAN® HE 10i/15i/25i also share the same choice of galvo scanners, final focussing lenses and articulated arms as the MULTISCAN® HE, with an additional choice of short, fixed or long articulated beam delivery. Luxinar supplies the short optical path beam delivery and scanner options in various orientations to suit the application.

In common with the MULTISCAN® range, the new range is suitable for static or on-the-fly marking, cutting, scribing, drilling and surface processing. With a large scan area of up to 250x250mm, the HE range produces high-quality graphics. The laser systems also offer a low-maintenance solution with an integrated RF power supply that is detachable and fully serviceable in the field.

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