Luxinar makes a mark at International Personalization & Awards Expo

Luxinar keyring

Leading laser manufacturer Luxinar is making a mark during its 25th year by exhibiting for the first time at International Personalization & Awards Expo in Las Vegas, USA, 7-10 February 2023. Visitors to the Luxinar stand (#836) will see a MULTISCAN® VS CO2 laser marking demonstration alongside a display of CO2 laser sources from the company’s well-established SR series.

Luxinar’s CO2 lasers are available at three wavelengths, 10.6, 10.25 and 9.3 microns, and can cut and mark various materials, including acrylic and wood. 

A flame-polished finish

Luxinar’s lasers can cut acrylic with a perfect flame-polished finish, eliminating the need for post-processing. The laser vaporises the plastic, leaving clean, sharp edges as it cuts.

Laser cutting is ideal for applications where appearance is important, such as signage, point-of-sale displays, costume jewellery, trophies and awards, ornamental items and lighting. A CO2 laser easily cuts out complex shapes, and acrylic can also be laser engraved to apply text and graphics to the surface.

The perfect woodworking tool

Compared with traditional woodworking methods, CO2 laser cutting is fast and precise, allowing simple cutting of complex shapes. Laser processing minimises waste, produces no sawdust, and eliminates the problems caused by tool wear and breakage.

Lasers can also mark and engrave wood for identification or decoration, producing high-quality results.  Luxinar’s CO2 lasers can mark and engrave on all kinds of wood, from simple text and logos to high-quality and detailed artwork. A laser induces a colour change in the wood, producing clear marks with good contrast.

The 125W MULTISCAN® VS is the fastest CO2 laser marker on the market. It can mark stationary or moving products on the fly at speeds of up to 1200 characters per second using flexible software; this enables intelligent data to be placed anywhere within the specified scan area. There are also options to generate and download high-quality complex graphics and to produce two-dimensional or traditional bar codes. The laser marker provides perfect line tracking, and its compact size and reliability allow easy siting and ‘fit and forget’ low maintenance.

The SR series of sealed CO2 laser sources have a power range of up to 250W and a rating of IP66; this means they are ideal for the harshest industrial environments to ensure a high level of protection against water and dust ingress. All units have a compact and lightweight mechanical design, a simple DC power supply connection, an easy-to-understand control interface, and digital diagnostics with enhanced LED. An identical output beam position allows for power upgrades with minimal design changes, and an integrated RF power supply that is replaceable in the field reduces production downtime.

John Podwojski, Regional General Manager of Luxinar’s USA office explains: “We are excited to be exhibiting for the first time at APA’s expo. It means we can easily present and demonstrate our range of CO2 lasers for the awards industry and the benefits of working with a company that has 25 years of experience in laser technology.” 

Luxinar head office building

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