Luxinar takes charge during its milestone year at The Battery Show 2023

Electric motor copper hairpins with enamel removed by a CO2 laser
Electric motor copper hairpins with enamel removed by a CO2 laser

July 2023

Leading laser manufacturer Luxinar is celebrating its 25th anniversary and exhibiting its established AOM, OEM and SR series of sealed COlaser sources on booth #2450 during The Battery Show North America. The event is scheduled to take place from September 12-14, 2023, at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI.

Luxinar specialises in manufacturing laser sources for industries worldwide including automotive, electronics, e-mobility, glass, packaging and textiles. Its CO2 lasers, at wavelengths of 10.6, 10.25 and 9.3 microns, find extensive applications for ablating, cutting, perforating, marking, scribing, and more. Particularly in the battery industry, Luxinar’s laser sources play a crucial role in processes such as hairpin stripping, battery case ablation, busbar coating removal and electronic component marking.

New SR x series of sealed CO2 laser sources offer high average power for high-speed applications

As part of their showcase, Luxinar introduces the SR 10x from its latest SR x 9.3µm series of sealed CO2 laser sources. This upgraded version of the established SR i series is designed to cater to high-speed applications, offering higher average power. The series includes the SR 10x, capable of delivering up to 105W average output power and 235W peak output power, the SR 15x, with up to 150W average output power and 335W peak output power and the SR 25x, with up to 210W average output power and 465W peak output power.

SR AOM sealed CO2 laser sources with acousto-optic modulator enhance edge quality in high-precision thin film cutting

Luxinar will also present the SR 25 AOM, tailored to address a wide range of high-precision applications that demand minimal heat-affected zones (HAZ), such as multilayer thin film cutting for the display market and high-resolution/speed marking. The range includes SR 10 AOM and SR 25 AOM, both available at a wavelength of 9.3µm and with rated powers of 150W for the SR 25 AOM and 75W for the SR 10 AOM. The integrated acousto-optic modulator (AOM) creates optical rise and fall times of less than 1µs which minimises unnecessary heat energy during processing compared with typical pulse rise/fall times of approximately 60µs; this creates a sharper cut with a reduced HAZ.

OEM series of sealed CO2 laser sources for high-powered material processing

In addition, Luxinar will feature its OEM 45iX from the OEM series of sealed CO2 lasers, offering a power output of up to 450W. The OEM series is ideal for processing textiles, paper, glass, wood, thin sheet metal, plastics and composite materials in the automotive, e-mobility, energy storage, food, packaging & labelling, plastics and textile industries. The series offers a power range up to 1000W and provides seamless integration into industrial processing production lines, both with and without covers. Equipped with an integrated RF power supply, the lasers generate short optical pulses with high peak power or quasi-CW output. 

John Podwojski, Regional General Manager of Luxinar’s USA office, stated: “We are looking forward to showcasing our laser sources at The Battery Show. With more than 25 years of experience in the laser industry, Luxinar’s range of CO2 lasers stand out from the competition due to their proven reliability.”

During the exhibition, Luxinar Inc’s team will be available at booth #2450, sharing their extensive knowledge and providing expert advice on laser technology.

Battery manufacturing processes by lasers
Luxinar head office building

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