Luxinar to exhibit at Laser Taiwan 2019

Laser Taiwan plaque

Luxinar will be exhibiting its OEM 45iX and a selection of its SR series sealed CO2 laser sources, including its new SR 25i with AOM, from its expanding portfolio, on stand M735 at Laser Taiwan in Taipei, between 16-18 October 2019.

Ideal for electronics industry – meeting demands for consistent high precision

Lasers are now commonplace in the manufacture of electronics. The semiconductor industry continues to reduce the size of its dies and packaged devices, which is made possible because lasers process with high precision on a minimal heat-affected zone (HAZ). Although there are several laser options, CO2 lasers are often preferred due to the power/cost ratio and longer wavelengths, compared to other industrial laser types.

Luxinar’s IP66-rated SR series is targeted for customers who demand high quality, reliability and versatility from their laser. Applications include, but are not limited to, mobile phone covers, LCD glass processing, and microelectronics. Attention is paid to every detail of the engineering process to guarantee minimal operating costs. Throughput, economy, flexibility and reliability are the main features associated with this series.

Legendary for machine tools – flexible and repeatedly consistent

CO2 laser-based machine tools are well-established across many industries and have become the tool of choice for both high- and low-tech applications. Laser processing provides flexibility, with extremely accurate control of cut depth, high repeatability and consistency without the need to change tools, unlike the mechanical alternatives.

A best seller for Luxinar is the extremely versatile OEM 45iX laser source. It can be easily integrated into existing production lines, whether these are system concepts with scanners or other beam guidance components.

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