Luxinar to exhibit at VITRUM 2019

vitrum 2019

Luxinar, a global leader in manufacturing sealed CO2 laser sources, will be exhibiting its MULTISCAN® VS and a selection of its SR series sealed COlaser sources, from its expanding portfolio, on stand C15 (Pav. 7) at VITRUM in Milan, between 1-4 October 2019.

Automotive window glass marking, Data Matrix marking on hot glass, decorative marking, head keepers in beer glasses… these are just a few of the applications that can be done with Luxinar sealed CO2 laser sources. 

Solutions in the hot-end glass production process

Luxinar laser sources are an efficient way to clean excess particles found in cast iron moulds. Instead of using harsh chemicals, or sandblasting where there is a risk of damaging the layer of the mould, lasers can ‘burn’ away the excess particles on the mould’s surface. 

For customers wanting to mark hot glass at high temperatures, MULTISCAN® from Luxinar is an ideal candidate. Using a scanner in conjunction with a beam expander, a small spot is produced with clear, distinct dots, using 1 pulse per dot. This can be done on the fly at high speed – it’s the fastest coder currently on the market. 

It is also possible to cut hot glass with Luxinar laser sources. Luxinar sealed CO2 lasers can cut hot hollow glass up to a maximum wall thickness of 2mm. This is an ideal solution for tableware and tumblers. The cut can be integrated in the hot-end process, resulting in top quality round rims that are more resistant than after a cold-end process. 

Solutions in the cold-end glass production process

Flat panel display manufacturers, automotive security glass manufacturers as well as hollow glass manufacturers can all consider Luxinar sealed CO2 slab laser sources. Two main advantages of laser cutting glass compared with mechanical techniques are the accuracy of the cutting line and the excellent edge quality of the cut glass. This reliability obviously translates into higher productivity and less down time. All this means reduced maintenance and lower operating costs for the manufacturer.

Luxinar laser sources can be used throughout the glass production process

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