Processing paper, card and wood with laser precision (brochure)

Wood cutting

Paper and card can be cut, marked, scribed and perforated by CO2 lasers. Luxinar’s systems are used to mark packaging in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, where high-contrast marks are applied to inked surfaces. Intricate designs can be cut with ease and flexibility to make greeting cards and invitations. Self-adhesive labels can be kiss cut without damage to the backing paper, holes are perforated through the pages of passports as a security feature, and paper products can be cut during production, on the fly at high speed.

Compared with traditional woodworking methods, CO2 laser cutting is fast and precise, allowing complex shapes to be cut out with ease.  Laser processing minimises waste, produces no sawdust, and eliminates the problems caused by tool wear and breakage. Lasers can also mark and engrave wood, producing high quality results; applications could be for identification or purely decorative.

This brochure looks at how the range of CO2 lasers from Luxinar are used by the paper, card and wood industries.

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