The ideal cutting tool for the converting and digital print industries

Laser kiss cutting of labels
Laser kiss cutting of labels

Luxinar’s industrial series of CO2 lasers are the preferred choice for converting and digital print manufacturers. With powers from 100 to 1000W and wavelengths ranging from 9.3µm to 10.25µm up to 10.6µm, the breadth of applications covers corrugated and coated cardboard cutting for packaging from one-off to medium volumes without needing special tooling. Whilst 10.6µm wavelengths are most common in these applications, there is a cutting speed advantage in the range of 15 – 20% for specific materials when cut with a 9.3µm wavelength.

For high-speed kiss cutting of polypropylene printed labels (stickers) 300-400W of 10.25µm laser power as provided by the laser models SCX 35 or OEM 45iX work best. Since only one layer (the sticker) needs to be cut through while keeping the second layer (paper liner) intact, other parameters like switching speed and power stability are key requirements for success.

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