Luxinar celebrates 60th anniversary of laser invention

Number 10 still from Top 10 lasers facts video
Number 10 still from Top 10 lasers facts video

On 16 May 2020, the 60th anniversary of Theodore Maiman’s invention of the laser will be celebrated alongside International Day of Light, an annual global initiative.  

To mark Maiman’s significant achievement, and the remarkable progress which has been made in laser technology in the last 60 years, the staff of Luxinar compiled a list of 60 interesting facts about the company and its lasers. Here are the top 10 facts:

10. We have sales and service offices in China, Germany, Italy, South Korea and USA.

9. The name “Luxinar” comes from “Lux” meaning light in Latin and “Sinar” meaning rays in Indonesian.

8. We won the Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2007 and for International Trade in 2011.

7. Our SR series, MULTISCAN® HE and OEM 100iX CO2 lasers are IP66 rated to withstand dust, heat and water spray.

6. By the time you’ve finished reading this fact, our MULTISCAN® vector system will have laser marked 3600 characters!

5. Our laser tubes have lifetimes of over 20000 operational hours with many still working after 15 years.

4. The strangest root cause of laser failure was a squirrel which shorted out a laser power supply!

3. We’ve laser scribed eggs so that a mayonnaise maker could ensure no eggshell entered the mix.

2. To create the perfect pint, we’ve laser etched head keepers onto the bases of beer glasses.

1. Our lasers are helping to reduce the need for packaging by marking directly onto fresh food.

Luxinar head office building

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