Upcoming exhibitions

Upcoming exhibitions for Luxinar

See Luxinar at the following exhibitions this autumn.

Visitors can see a number of laser sources, learn about the capabilities of all products and find out which laser is best suited to their industry and process.

Do you have a new idea and you’re not sure if a laser can be used to do the process? Come and chat to our colleagues to learn more about the resources at our Applications laboratory. Maybe we can help with your preliminary trials…

Luxinar celebrates 20 years in the laser industry manufacturing carbon dioxide (CO2) laser sources. Today, it is a leading manufacturer with an extensive portfolio. Its applications range from cutting, drilling and perforating to marking, engraving, scribing and welding. The lasers can be used on a wide array of materials be they textiles, plastic, polymer, acrylic, rubber, FR4, glass, wood, ceramics or metal.

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