Our products at a glance – CO₂ lasers

SR series - 4 sealed CO2 laser sources
SR series – 4 sealed CO2 laser sources
OEM series CO2 laser sources
OEM series of sealed CO2 laser sources operate over a wide range of pulse widths, frequencies and coolant temperatures for a variety of industrial applicationsPower – 400-1000WWavelength options – 9.3μm, 10.25μm and 10.6μmPower for your processing – higher speeds and increased productivity
SCX 35SCX 35 sealed CO2 laser source ideal for robotic applications,  cutting plastics and wood and integration with scanners and other beam guidance componentsPower – 315-350WWavelength options – 10.25μm and 10.6μmEasy integration – lightweight and robust, separate RF power supply
SR 25 AOM (transparent background)SR AOM series CO2 laser sources with integrated acousto-optic modulator for high-precision thin film cutting, scribing, engraving, marking and surface patterning that need a reduced heat affected zonePower – 75W and 150WWavelength option – 9.3μmPrecise pulse control – high quality cutting edge
SR series of CO2 lasersSR series CO2 laser sources with a simple control interface and compact mechanical design to allow easy integration into laser-based processing machines used for cutting, marking, welding and drillingPower – 60-250WWavelength options – 9.3μm, 10.25μm and 10.6μmWatertight laser technology – IP66 rating for high protection against water, heat and dust
MULTISCAN® VSMULTISCAN® HE & VS CO2 laser marking systems offer an inkless method of applying text, 2D codes and graphics to a wide array of materialsPower – 95-250WWavelength options – 9.3μm, 10.25μm and 10.6μmFlexible marking – on the fly or stationary