Power for your processing with a OEM 100iX laser source

The OEM 100iX is the latest addition to our range of sealed CO2 laser sources.  Rated at 1kW, this laser provides more power and the ability to process a wider range of materials. The OEM 100iX increases throughput without sacrificing wavelength stability, beam quality or control. 

Automotive manufacturing

The laser is designed to be compatible with the robot systems which are extremely common in automotive manufacturing.  Automotive plastic applications are the most common, where Luxinar’s lasers are used to remove waste plastic or cut holes and features in car bumpers, spoilers, dashboards, door pillars and headlight housings.  Typical materials include ABS/polycarbonate and polypropylene. The OEM 100iX comes into its own when cutting thicker and tougher materials, such as those reinforced with carbon or glass fibres. 

Textile industry

For the textile industry, the OEM 100iX opens up possibilities such as multi-ply cutting in order to increase speed and throughput.  Technical materials are often thicker and more densely woven than regular fabrics. They may also contain metallic or carbon fibres for strength and durability.  Both make the laser cutting process much more of a challenge; the higher power of the OEM 100iX simplifies this. 

Packaging applications

In the packaging industry, the OEM 100iX can significantly increase process speeds without sacrificing precision. Kiss-cutting and scoring processes must be carefully controlled in order to cut to precisely the correct depth, without perforating or damaging the backing material. 

In die-board production steel blades are held in laser-cut grooves in plywood. The grooves must be of consistent width and have a slight taper to grip the blades firmly. This requires a laser with good beam quality, polarisation and power stability, to give the required degree of control. The OEM 100iX satisfies all these criteria, with the extra power increasing the speed and throughput of the process.