LXR® series – 160W ultrashort pulse laser sources

LXR applications
LXR applications

A new patented laser technology from Luxinar

The LXR® series incorporates innovative technologies and designs:

  • A large dynamic range of pulse repetition frequencies and pulse energies to enable application-specific optimisation
  • A synchronisation signal for precise control in dynamic applications
  • Burst mode and pulse-on-demand for efficient processing and application optimisation
  • Detailed diagnostic/fault finding information via: web interface; PC application; optional mobile control unit
  • An integrated alignment beam and safety shutter to ease integration
  • Wavelength options available at 1030nm, 515nm and 343nm
  • An auxiliary drive unit as standard
LXR® 120-1030 laser head
Drive unit
Optional rack with water-water chiller

Average power up to 160W

Pulse duration 800 +/- 150fs

Pulse energy up to 160µJ

Burst energy up to 0.8mJ

Beam quality M2 < 1.2

Burst mode & pulse-on-demand

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