OEM 45iX – 450W sealed CO₂ laser source

OEM Series

Power output up to 450W

The OEM series of CO2 lasers represents a compact solution that can be easily integrated into industrial processing production lines. The OEM 45iX includes an integrated RF power supply, enabling the laser to produce short optical pulses with high peak power or quasi-CW output. There is also the option for an absorbing thin film reflector (ATFR) to prevent back reflection issues.

The OEM series lasers use a single resonator design, producing laser light with a linear polarisation. With a beam quality of K > 0.8, power and precision are defining characteristics of these lasers. Since many equipment manufacturers purchase this range to integrate into their equipment, these OEM iX laser sources are available without the laser housing, if desired.

OEM 45iX
OEM 45iX with cover dimensions

Wavelengths 10.6µm, 10.25µm, 9.3µm

Short optical pulse with high peak power or quasi-CW output

Minimum shipment power 20% higher than rated power

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