SR 10i – 125W sealed CO₂ laser source

SR series CO2 laser source image
SR series CO2 laser source image

Power up to 125W

Like all of the SR series lasers, the SR 10i is designed with an integrated RF power supply and is hermetically sealed, making it ideal for the harshest of industrial environments; it will withstand dust, heat and water spray.

The simple control interface and compact mechanical design of the unit allow easy integration into laser-based processing machines used for cutting, marking, perforating and drilling, among others. Throughput, economy, flexibility and reliability are the main features associated with the SR series of CO2 laser sources.

SR 10i
SR 10i dimensions

IP66 rating

Wavelength 10.6µm, 10.25µm, 9.3µm

Integrated and field replaceable RF power supplies

Compact, lightweight laser source

Simple diagnostics

Minimum shipment power 20% higher than rated power

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