SR AOM series – 150W and 75W sealed CO₂ laser sources with integrated AOM

Applications for Luxinar's SR AOM series of CO2 laser sources
Applications for Luxinar’s SR AOM series of CO2 laser sources

Due to its precise pulse control, the SR AOM series is ideal for a variety of high-precision processes such as microfilm cutting in the flat panel display market and scribing, engraving, marking and surface patterning applications that need less HAZ.

Other thin film applications, including those in the automotive, electronics, lighting and flexible packaging industries, can benefit from the higher quality cutting edge which the SR AOM offers when compared to standard pulsed CO2 lasers.

Optical pulse rise/fall time < 1μs for high-precision processing, energy control and reduced HAZ

Integrated, detachable and field replaceable RF power supply for ease of installation and servicing

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