Solar panels filling roof at Luxinar 2023 (sunset close-up)
Solar panels filling roof at Luxinar 2023 (sunset close-up)

A sustainable solution for industry

Like many today, we are increasingly aware of the detrimental effect human activity has on the environment. Our lasers provide solutions to reduce the environmental impact of production processes in a number of industries. For example, CO2 laser coders can be used to replace inkjet printing in the packaging and labelling industries. Not only does this eliminate the need for ink, solvents and chemicals, but also reduces plastic waste in the form of empty cartridges.  

Marking directly onto a product can eliminate the need to affix additional labels or packaging. In the fashion industry, laser technology can be used for finishing denim garments, drastically reducing the amounts of chemicals and water used when compared with traditional bleaching and stonewashing processes. In general terms, laser cutting minimises wastage of raw material, compared with other machining processes.

Laser-marked bread roll
Laser marked bread

A green location

Our facility is located at the Bridgehead Business Park, a development designed with environmental considerations in mind. Sustainable building techniques have been employed in the construction of the business park, and the site is landscaped to provide pleasant surroundings for both employees and visitors. The site includes an area of woodland with a nature trail, managed by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. This provides a habitat which encourages the local wildlife to flourish, and is regularly visited by groups of local schoolchildren, as well as employees of the business park. The woodland features bird houses, sculptures and tree stump seats, as well as an insect hotel which was presented to Luxinar by our Belgian supplier HTMS. 


Solar panels filling roof at Luxinar 2023 (Bridgehead Business Park)
Solar panels filling roof at Luxinar 2023 (Bridgehead Business Park)

Reducing our carbon footprint

As a manufacturing site we naturally consume a lot of energy, but our building is equipped with a number of energy efficient measures to help reduce our carbon footprint. We have installed solar panels to generate a portion of our own electricity; we use process water to heat the factory in the winter and use the ambient temperature to cool this process water. We offer provision for electric car charging and we participate in a cycle to work scheme, encouraging employees to use sustainable transport where possible. We provide shower facilities for those employees who cycle, walk or run to work and wish to freshen up on arrival. We have full LED lighting throughout the factory, which is sensor-activated to avoid unnecessary electricity usage, and we are constantly striving to streamline our processes to minimise waste.  

View our Environmental policy here.

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